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01 October 2010 @ 03:57 pm
Two Pimps: Kiss Me/Kill Me Drablethon and IJ Porn Battle Thirteen  
slippery_fish is hosting the Kiss Me/Kill Me - An Antagonistic Pairing Drabblethon.

The InsaneJournal Porn Battle is having another round. You have until October 7th at midnight EST to get your prompts in.

The prompting post is here.

As in any challenge, please read the instructions carefully before posting.
ETA:No more prompts. Stay tuned!
ETA2:The prompts are on!You have until the end of the month, midnight of October 31st EST, to get your porn in.
Prompts, #-E
Prompts, F-J
Prompts, K-P
Prompts, R-VThere were no "Q" or "U" prompts
Prompts, W-Z,Crossovers and RPF